WAVE Toolbar libraryΒΆ

View available keywords.

Include keywords with:

Resource  Accessibility/wavetoolbar.robot

Example of use:

*** Settings ***

Resource  Accessibility/wavetoolbar.robot

Suite setup  Run keywords
...  Open accessibility test browser  Maximize Browser Window
Suite teardown  Close all browsers

*** Test Cases ***

Test pages
    [Template]  Check WAVE
    http://www.plone.org/  wave=0

*** Keywords ***

Check WAVE
    [Arguments]  ${url}  ${wave}=0
    Should not exceed maximum WAVE errors  ${url}  ${wave}

Should not exceed maximum WAVE errors
    [Arguments]  ${url}  ${max}
    ${errors} =  Count WAVE accessibility errors  ${url}
    Should be true  ${errors} <= ${max}
    ...  WAVE Toolbar reported ${errors} errors for ${url}


Currently all keywords are written as user keywords, but later they may be refactored into Python-keywords. If this happens, there will be backwards compatible wrappers available at wavetoolbar.robot.